(a)       These terms and conditions will apply to all orders. The customer therefore acknowledges that these terms and conditions complete the verbal and written agreement between the two parties.

  2. ORDERS:

    (a)       Orders must be officially requested in written form sent via email, fax or post. Only then will the orders be accepted and processed.

    (b)      All order forms once processed will have a ship date. These ship dates are guidelines only. ISM Objects reserves the right to extend these dates due to any unforeseen circumstances that might arise to interrupt or delay production. ISM Objects will notify their customers if this occurs.

    (c)       Ship dates of lead times exclude public holidays and ISM Objects closure periods. Customers will be notified of the extended time.

    (d)      ISM Objects reserves the right to change a product in any way shape or form if seen as necessary. This will not affect any orders at that point of time already in the system concerning said product. Any orders for that product from that point on will be manufactured according to the new design or system.

    (e)      Orders may be categorised as urgent when requested by the customer and the possibility of speedy expedition is confirmed by ISM Objects. If an order is requested as urgent there will be an additional 5% express charge attached to the order.

    (f)        Custom orders requiring custom fabric shall be subject to fabric availability.  Lead-times may be adjusted upon confirmation of fabric availability from the fabric supplier.

  3. PRICES:

    (a)       Prices will be quoted prior to an order being processed. Once processed there can be no change of mind concerning the product, quantity, delivery date or pricing.

    (b)      Prices are exclusive of GST.

    (c)       Once the order has been processed, payment must be made in honour of quoted terms.


    (a)       Terms of payment are determined prior to order placement. These terms are agreed upon by both the customer and ISM Objects. Terms may vary from customer to customer but all decisions concerning terms of payment must be agreed upon by the customer and ISM Objects. A written form of acceptance must be signed off by the customer.

    (b)      Pre-Paid terms: the goods will be released once payment has been processed and proof of payment is provided. 

    (c)       30 days from EOM relates to account holders only. Payment for goods is required by the end of each month following invoice/ship date.

    (d)      Payment terms may vary from order to order. Any variations from standard terms listed above will be determined at quotation stage.  Therefore all payment terms must be obliged as stated on the order and or invoice. I.e. 30% deposit prior to despatch.

    (e)      If a deposit is requested, it must be received before any production will commence.


    (a)       Once an order is complete the customer will be notified of completion, payment will be organised and delivery or pick up will be arranged. ISM Objects will add an additional 5% storage charge for every extra week that the order is stored in factory beyond completion.

    (b)      Although if the order is completed before the promised date of completion, interest will only be charged after this specified date to obey the agreed terms made by ISM Objects and their customer.


    (a)       Delivery terms will be discussed prior to the order being processed.

    (b)      Delivery may be included in the initial pricing or depending on circumstances may be added as an additional cost.  Delivery charges may vary due to the distance from warehouse to chosen site location.

    (c)       Time of delivery may vary due to the travel distance.

    (d)      Delivery may be arranged by the customer, however if loss or damage during transport occurs ISM Objects accepts no responsibility or liability for any damage/extra costs.

  7.  CLAIMS:

    (a)       It is the customer’s responsibility to check each delivery they receive from ISM Objects to ensure the goods are in good condition and the complete order has been received.

    (b)      Depending on the circumstance, if the order was accepted from delivery and later there was a fault with the order, (damage to the products or missing parts) the customer has 14 days to notify ISM Objects. ISM Objects will then reserve the right to inspect the issue and proceed in the most suitable way.


    (a)       ISM Objects has a 1 Year warranty policy on all their products.

    (b)      ISM Objects warranty policy does not apply to lamps (globes) supplied.

    (c)       If goods supplied fail to perform, ISM Objects will repair or replace item free of charge if within warranty as stated in clause 8a.  In the circumstance where goods cannot be returned for repair immediately or fault cannot be determined, customer must order new items and credit will be given once items are returned and deemed faulty. 

    (d)      The ISM warranty is voided when:

    ·          The original light fittings provided by ISM Objects are adjusted, altered or repaired by someone other than ISM Objects.

    ·          The fittings are operated incorrectly.


    (a)       In the event of a cancellation ISM Objects reserves the right to charge a re-stocking fee of 30%. This fee is calculated from the total value of the original order. The re-stocking fee remains within the same terms as the original order (pre-paid, account or C.O.D).

    (b)      In the event of a partial cancellation ISM Objects reserves the right to charge a re-stocking fee on the specified items of 30%. This fee is calculated from the total value of the specified items on the original order. The re-stocking fee remains within the same terms as the original order (pre-paid, account or C.O.D).

    (c)       In the event of a cancellation where goods of a lower value are ordered in place of original goods, ISM Objects reserves the right to charge a restocking fee of 15% of the original order value. 

    (d)      Credits will be processed when goods are received by ISM Objects in their original packing and condition.  No credit may be applied without an ISM Objects Adjustment Note being issued.  Any damage to the returned items will be invoiced at full price.

    (e)      Any bespoke or custom items cannot be cancelled once order is received.

    (f)        All cancellations must be advised in writing.