Introducing Teamwork - Acoustic lighting for workplaces.

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Our latest lighting collection has been developed to provide a solution for 2 common workplace needs - high quality energy efficient lighting and improved acoustics.

The Teamwork pendant has been designed to possesses special acoustic qualities to help it to absorb sound in the workplace making it the perfect pendant for meeting spaces and open plan offices. The effect of this sound absorbing feature is that the lighting contributes to enhancing both concentration and collaboration in the workplace by reducing ambient noise.

The Teamwork pendant shell is expertly crafted from spun aluminium and has a decorative fabric panel that discretely conceals an internal sound absorbing material.

The outer shell is finished in matt anthracite or white.  The fabric insert panel is available in a choice of 22 contemporary colours, with custom fabrics available on request.   At the heart of Teamwork is an environmentally efficient LED lamp source with a special thin diffuser to ensure light is fully dispersed. This makes it an ideal light source for long meeting tables that require an even distribution of light to enhance workplace collaboration.

Teamwork is also flexible enough to suit individual needs. It can direct light in a downward direction only but is also available with the option of up and down lighting, with both options compatible with a choice of popular dimming protocols.






There are always dominant trends in interiors. Black and gold is firmly cemented in the spotlight as a versatile combination that suits a range of interior styles and with a beautiful selection of designs from us it’s clear we think it has a bright future.

The combination of black and gold makes an elegant statement within interior environments. Designers need not be limited in their ways of introducing this trend to the finest spaces, a lighting statement perfectly captures the sleek, striking blend of black and golden brass.

Here are our favourite black & gold designs from our collection...

The Clinker Pendant collection

The Luxe Wall light

The Loft Wall light

The Studio 6 Desk lamp

The Nudie Pendant

We think these perfectly capture the classic interior trend for black and gold. They feature classic forms and unique detailing that will never date.



How do you get your bathroom light right? The best bathrooms strike a perfect balance between relaxation and function, and lighting is essential lighting in achieving this. Bathroom time involves important tasks.

 Here are 4 tips for perfect, unique lighting that gets the mix of moody and bright just right.


The secret to achieving a flawless finish is to light your face on either side rather than a light in the centre of the room or one directly above you. If you wanted to get the lighting perfect, you could create a Hollywood lighting effect all around the mirror for perfectly even lighting, however a light on each side of the mirror is very effective. 

The HD2 & HD3 wall light range is a perfect choice for creating even illumination


A bathroom should be lit with a warm light rather than cool lighting options, using LED globes of 3000K. LED are amore energy efficient option and take care of the planet by reducing greenhouse emissions and take care of the planet and lower your electricity bill - on top of all these features, they ensure an even skin tone. 


Have more than one light source in the bathroom. You may want to switch on lights beside your mirror when applying make-up or you may want to create a relaxing atmosphere with softer, moody lighting above your bath. Choose lighting designs that are not susceptible to mould or mildew, we wouldn't recommend shades made from fabric.

The Ziggy pendant light with it's perforated aluminium, features a bold, graphic design that will cast a beautiful ambient pattern perfect for relaxing baths. 


Adjustable lights can also be effective in a bathroom when it comes to transforming the space's utility and ambience. Te best lighting for your bathroom should provide balance between form and function and should illuminate important tasks while also setting the mood. Our extensive collection of design ensure you will get your bathroom lighting just right.

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