Bendigo TAFE Health and Community Centre of Excellence by ClarkeHopkinsClarke

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Light is an important element of educational and health environments as it can affect the productivity of students and wellbeing of patients. Bendigo TAFE Health and Community Centre of Excellence is a vibrant learning environment for specialist health and community services programs. Designed by ClarkeHopkinsClarke, the building now has plenty of natural light as well as the warm glow of our HD3 Pendants and HD2 Wall Lights.

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ClarkeHopkinsClarke transformed the existing building to create a new facility inspired by transparency, health and connectedness. A high-performance double-glazed façade has replaced the original bricks, enhancing natural light and ventilation, which aid productivity and wellbeing and contribute to the centre being an enjoyable and sustainable place for students and staff to work and learn.

The internal environment has been reconfigured to maximise usability and to create active, vibrant spaces that prioritise learning. This includes high-tech virtual labs that simulate different learning scenarios, and adaptable classrooms and collaborative spaces that allow for flexibility.

Our HD3 Pendants and HD2 Wall Lights feature in informal study and collaborative spaces. We pared these lights back to their essential forms with a circular wall canopy, cylindrical shield and spherical bulb, making them a popular choice for a range of environments. The wall lights are fixed to timber batten partitions and the warm glow highlights the grain of the timber. The pendants have been grouped in threes and suspended from the ceiling amongst vertical panels in the same aqua colour as the powder-coated finish of the lamp. A series of HD3 lights also illuminate the kitchen benches.

The bulbs are vintage-style LED lamps, which have a long life, low-energy consumption and high-quality light output.

The aqua-coloured fixtures complement the strong identity evident throughout the facility. The cellular theme pervades the internal planning, landscaping, interior design and wayfinding with colourful hexagons featuring on the floor covering, upholstered seating, glazed-wall graphics and signage.

Bendigo TAFE Health and Community Centre of Excellence opened early 2018 for the academic year.