ISM Objects_Grapho Bubble_Photo credit Mike Baker, Styling Heather Nette King_Lifestyle 01.jpg

We seek to create endearing and enduring products designed to bring a space to life, which has been integrated in our latest Grapho Bubble design that appears to have a wonderful life of its own.

Imbued with personality and character, our Grapho Bubble is skilfully handcrafted in our Mentone factory from beautiful Japanese rice paper, which provides the light with an interactive quality, making it an irreverent take on a classic paper ball light.

First launched at Melbourne’s DEN Fair 2017, the Grapho Bubble takes its name from the word meaning ‘to write’ or ‘to sketch’ as custom graphic designs can be added to the pendants during productions.




When illuminated, our Grapho Bubble comes to life in more ways than one. A small fan inside the Grapho Bubble pendant is connected to the sustainable LED light source and inflates the rice paper when switched on. The LED can also be dimmable (upon request) for a variety of ambient settings. The Grapho Bubble inflates in as little as 20 seconds from being switched on and when switched off, the fan stops turning the light and it gently deflates.

The Grapho Bubble is available in a diameter of 600mm and 1500mm.

We invite you to preview the Grapho Bubble’s interactive feature in the video below.