Innovation in mobile illumination for today’s lifestyle.

At ISM Objects, we love working with new technology and developing products that answer the needs of our clients and satisfy the demands of today’s evolving lifestyles. We are passionate in our pursuit of improving our new and existing products and as such are proud to unveil our range of portable lighting options featuring the latest rechargeable technology.

Sparking inspiration, we have recognised a significant shift in work and living spaces. With the rise of newer, faster and more portable technology, we are becoming more and more flexible with where we are able to work, however the lighting industry has been falling behind.

After noticing permanent lighting fixtures were unable to meet the demands of these shifts in working behaviour, we have introduced a range of innovative portable lighting options featuring innovative specifications and lighting aesthetics.

Our portable lighting solutions are now allowing us to significantly improve ambience, mood and practicality of work spaces effortlessly. Our Fab 25 and Wink Table lights are examples of portable illumination that boasts today’s refined technology. With cordless battery power and USB re-charging this LED lamp provides an elegant solution to a portable, changing lifestyle.

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