We Always seek to stay at the forefront, our beautiful Stippled Porcelain collection – a collaboration local ceramicist Steven McClure, has been created to complement the trend toward handcrafted, natural finishes in interior spaces. 

McClure’s porcelain candleholder enchanted us, so we invited the craftsman to develop a lighting range that would showcase the natural beauty of the material. This was our first venture with an Australian craftsperson.

The Stippled Porcelain lighting range is available in four styles - Cone, Slim, Squat and Crumpled.

Melbourne-made Southern Ice Porcelain was selected for these pendants - it cries out to be illuminated, and the final result is raw and refined, allowing the material speak loudest. When lit there is a beautiful warmth that emanates.

When it comes to the Stippled Porcelain Range, Steven notes that he deliberately set out to allow these characteristics to stay in the work rather than submitting to more industrial processes and forms of the material, which would have created a more more uniform and controlled outcome, rather than the Stippled Porcelain range has a more fluid finish.

All these qualities of the material can be seen in the final finishes of each style in the range, which all vary slightly. When the porcelain is fired to its top temperature of almost 1300 degrees celsius, the material begins to soften slightly, and the juxtaposition of the matte finish of the unglazed outer surface with the glossiness of the glazed internal surface.

The final detail of this striking range is the hand finished embossing applied with a loose hand to again, avoid an overly manufactured uniformity, each of these make the illuminated object more visually compelling and allows the natural beauty of the porcelain to shine through.