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The Georges building is a Melbourne institution that has long graced Collins Street.  It has undergone a number of renovations over the years and, thanks to multi-disciplinary design practice Hecker Guthrie, its basement has now been transformed into the sophisticated bar and restaurant ­­ The George on Collins. We were thrilled to be part of the project!

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Hecker Guthrie has created an interior that pays homage to the iconic building’s past as one of Melbourne’s finest shopping destinations.

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“Georges traditionally represented an honest and refined sensibility, from the architecture of the building, to its discerning clientele. Patrons today still crave all of the style and service it has inherently always possessed, and The George on Collins will deliver this and more,” Hecker Guthrie states.

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ISM Objects was engaged to custom manufacture the lighting for this beautiful new space, which helps set the mood for a memorable dining experience.

Stripping back the layers and gutting the entire basement space revealed the original architecture of the former department store. Hecker Guthrie “employ a refined simplicity, juxtaposing the monastic purity of the overall architectural forms, with a landscape of bespoke joinery and furniture,” they explain. “It is intelligently transformed to allow for impeccable hospitality and service from both the bar and the kitchen.”

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The space is cleverly divided into several sections that cater to breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night drinks. Dining table booths and luxurious couches nestle into brick alcoves, with heavy curtains to draw for privacy. Rows of stools line the wooden bar encouraging conversation and appreciation of the array for drinks to select from. The timber floors are warm and understated, providing an atmosphere of subdued elegance and uncompromising style.

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Newly transformed, this space in the Georges building is continuing to make its mark on Melbourne’s CBD. In its latest incarnation as The George on Collins, its legend will certainly live on.

Images courtesy of The New Work Project. Photography by Will Ellis & sketches by Paul Tuller.