IRO Keeps turning heads

ISM Objects_Iro Pendant_Photo credit Mike Baker, Styling Heather Nette King_Lifestyle 01.jpg

Our eye-catching Iro pendant light rotates on a single axis to cast a beam of light in any desired direction. Designed by German duo Zinke / Carpenter, it is manufactured in Australia as part of our successful ISM Sparks mentoring program.

Designers Christian Zinke and Robin Carpenter met during their studies at the University of the Arts Berlin and founded their design studio Zinke/Carpenter in 2004. The Iro pendant was their first design to be shown in an international fair but since then, they have worked with clients such as Bugatti and Atari and continue to create inspiring designs both individually and as a team.

ISM Objects_Iro Pendant_Photo credit Mike Baker, Styling Heather Nette King_Lifestyle 02.jpg

Conceptually, Iro was designed as an ‘eye’ that rotates.  The pendant was at concept stage when it captured our attention at the Salone Satellite exhibition at Milan Design Fair in 2005.

We began collaborating with Zinke /Carpenter as part of our ISM Sparks mentoring program, which was formed in 2005 to foster emerging talent in lighting design. Based on this we   licenced the Iro pendant design and began manufacturing in Australia, exclusively for Sparks.

Crafted from slip cast ceramic with an elegant, tactile finish, the Iro pendant features a single slot at the top to ensure the direction of light remains set in the desired direction until repositioned.

ISM Objects_Iro Pendant_Photo credit Mike Baker, Styling Heather Nette King_Lifestyle 03.jpg

8bit 360 by Architects EAT


8bit 360, located on Little Collins Street, is the third and largest outlet of the Melbourne-based burger brand. Inspired by American diners, old-school video games and the local fish ‘n’ shop, 8bit 360 is a contemporary throwback to the colourful 1980s, and our Wink Table Lamp and HD3 Wall Lights are adding to the nostalgic fun.

 The first 8bit started as an ode to the fish ‘n’ chip shop with arcade machines in the corner. The classic games still remain but the outlets have become streamlined and slicker with time. For 8bit 360, Architects EAT created a playful and interactive space with bold primary colours, pixelated patterns and Nintendo-inspired wall graphics.

 Architects EAT created pockets of intrigue and surprise as they played with colour and materiality. Tiles, like pixels, cover countertops; stools and booths are in blue powder-coated steel; and green and yellow acrylic tubes hover over high tables. Timber elements keep the space warm and inviting, and include the timber-batten world map suspended from the bright yellow ceiling; timber panels surrounding the menu; and a timber batten screen with the logo carved it.

 Studio IO designed the original branding and established the red, yellow, dark blue and aqua colour palette, which the studio describes as “a nostalgic, quirky and instantly recognisable homage to good old-fashioned gaming.” Indeed, it’s nostalgia for the late-20s, early-30s demographic that form the target market.


Our Wink Table Lamp and HD3 Wall Lamps in marine were the perfect choice for the colour palette, and complement the simple, pared-back forms throughout the space. Wink table lamps are perched on the counter around the windows. Inspired by candle lamps of yesteryear, they have a spherical bulb, dish base and optional metallic reflector for more control of the glowing LED lamp.

HD3 has a similar form with a wall attachment. Fixed at alternating heights, the uplights cast patterns of light and shadow across the wall, adding another dimension to the gaming-inspired graphics. Each light has a 6W LED spherical frost lamps, a good choice for hospitality due to their long life, low energy use and high-quality light output.

Introducing Teamwork - Acoustic lighting for workplaces.

ISM Objects_Teamwork Charcoal Pendant_Photo credit Mike Baker, Styling Heather Nette King_Lifestyle 02.jpg

Our latest lighting collection has been developed to provide a solution for 2 common workplace needs - high quality energy efficient lighting and improved acoustics.

The Teamwork pendant has been designed to possesses special acoustic qualities to help it to absorb sound in the workplace making it the perfect pendant for meeting spaces and open plan offices. The effect of this sound absorbing feature is that the lighting contributes to enhancing both concentration and collaboration in the workplace by reducing ambient noise.

The Teamwork pendant shell is expertly crafted from spun aluminium and has a decorative fabric panel that discretely conceals an internal sound absorbing material.

The outer shell is finished in matt anthracite or white.  The fabric insert panel is available in a choice of 22 contemporary colours, with custom fabrics available on request.   At the heart of Teamwork is an environmentally efficient LED lamp source with a special thin diffuser to ensure light is fully dispersed. This makes it an ideal light source for long meeting tables that require an even distribution of light to enhance workplace collaboration.

Teamwork is also flexible enough to suit individual needs. It can direct light in a downward direction only but is also available with the option of up and down lighting, with both options compatible with a choice of popular dimming protocols.




Prince of Wales Hotel by Meme Design


St Kilda’s Prince of Wales Hotel has been a Melbourne landmark since 1936, but its current status as a boutique hospitality destination was cemented only two decades ago with an interior transformation by Powell & Glenn Architects. We were excited to be part of this iconic hotel refurbishment in the late 1990s and we’re equally thrilled to have played a role in its latest redesign by working with the wonderful Megan Hounslow and Melanie Beynon from Meme Design.

Meme Design is a Melbourne-based architecture and interior design studio known for their authentic and timeless residential, commercial and hospitality projects. These include the Urban Attitude concept store at Highlight Melbourne, the NGVI Bookshop in the foyer space of the National Gallery of Victoria and Melbourne’s hospitality venue AERIAL. Meme’s redesign of the Prince of Wales is another example of their beautiful and innovative designs.

ISM_Prince_Hotel_ original fitout Allan Powell Architects.jpg

Our relationship with the Prince of Wales started back in the 1990s. Paul Hecker, of award-winning Melbourne design studio Hecker Guthrie, designed the Prince of Wales’ Circa restaurant late in the decade with architect Allan Powell and collaborated on the design of the hotel’s interiors and guest rooms that included custom wicker pendants by ISM Objects.

The hotel’s new interior by Meme Design shows great respect for the hotel’s original art deco architecture, which was also preserved by Powell & Glenn during the 1990s’ refurbishment. Meme oversaw the design upgrade the Circa bar and dining room in 2011 and its transformation has now extended to its guest rooms

The new design features a softer palette of alternating textures and hues, which reference the hotel’s beachside location. The furniture is a showcase of local and international designs from brands such as HR McCarthy, Jardan and Nood Co while the lighting is designed and handcrafted in Melbourne by our very proud ISM Objects team!

Meme selected our Luxe pendants and Shady floor lamps for the Prince of Wales guest rooms. The Luxe pendants are elegant tubes of polished brass that bring understated luxury to each room. They are available as a full voltage fitting with a G9 LED lamp or low voltage fitting with G4 LED lamp.

Our Shady floor lamps, designed by Daniel Barbera, come from a fun family of lights inspired by a classic spun aluminium shade. The floor lamp has a steel base with matching powder-coated shade – Meme selected a beautiful pale green hue to match the beachside inspiration of the interior.

As a brand passionate about local design, it’s so satisfying to be involved in the design of a local institution like the Prince of Wales Hotel. It has undergone two iconic transformations in the past two decades and we’re proud to have played a role in both of them.


ISM Objects_Grapho Bubble_Photo credit Mike Baker, Styling Heather Nette King_Lifestyle 01.jpg

We seek to create endearing and enduring products designed to bring a space to life, which has been integrated in our latest Grapho Bubble design that appears to have a wonderful life of its own.

Imbued with personality and character, our Grapho Bubble is skilfully handcrafted in our Mentone factory from beautiful Japanese rice paper, which provides the light with an interactive quality, making it an irreverent take on a classic paper ball light.

First launched at Melbourne’s DEN Fair 2017, the Grapho Bubble takes its name from the word meaning ‘to write’ or ‘to sketch’ as custom graphic designs can be added to the pendants during productions.




When illuminated, our Grapho Bubble comes to life in more ways than one. A small fan inside the Grapho Bubble pendant is connected to the sustainable LED light source and inflates the rice paper when switched on. The LED can also be dimmable (upon request) for a variety of ambient settings. The Grapho Bubble inflates in as little as 20 seconds from being switched on and when switched off, the fan stops turning the light and it gently deflates.

The Grapho Bubble is available in a diameter of 600mm and 1500mm.

We invite you to preview the Grapho Bubble’s interactive feature in the video below.


ISM Objects_Drum Pendant Collection_01.jpg

We are passionate in our pursuit to improve our new and existing products, which is why we are delighted to share with you our much loved and reimagined – GX and Drum Pendants.

Designed and made locally with beautiful new textile finishes and the latest energy efficient technology, these iconic pendants are perfect choices for residential and commercial spaces alike.

Our Gx Pendant features a lampshade of soft pleated fabric in a choice of elegant colours, including slate grey, sky blue, black or white, as well as customised colours from a new select palette – subject to suitability.

Available in two sizes, our Gx Pendant offers stainless wire with a clear cable or anodised aluminium rod that is adjustable on installation.

ISM Objects_Gx Pendant Collection_02.jpg

A renewed design has also been applied to our iconic Drum Pendant light, which is now fitted with the latest led technology to cast an ambient, energy efficient glow.

With beauty at the forefront of every design, our Drum pendant is available in a variety of finishes, including fabric and parchments from ISM Objects standard range, or, your choice of fabric or wallpaper.

ISM Objects_Drum pendant collection_02.jpg


ISM Objects UGG dovetail design _01.jpg

UGG is brand with a distinctly Australian heritage and while its story started with a pair of cozy sheepskin boots back in 1978, the brand now has stores across the globe. One of its latest is located in the Melbourne International Airport was designed by Dovetail Design Group and features our Nudie Pendants!

Dovetail Design Group is a Sydney based interiors, graphic and signage design studio known for creating engaging retail and commercial spaces. Their vision for the new UGG kiosk was for a luxurious, yet unpretentious design using clean and simple lines softened by warm textural finishes. 

ISM Objects UGG dovetail design _03.jpg

“We were engaged to create a retail kiosk with a premium look and feel to complement the high standard of retail spaces in Melbourne International Airport,” says Rose Gates, senior designer at Dovetail.

The store’s design is open and generous in space to provide flexibility in the arrangement of product categories and to allow customers to easily navigate through the various fixtures.

“Each fixture is custom designed and feature glass-fronted panels with internal LED lighting,” says Rose. “Solid timber display cubes are also strategically positioned in the main display cabinet, acting as a tool to highlight promotions and to feature some of UGG’s more select products on offer.”

ISM Objects UGG dovetail design _02.jpg

The design also features integrated ‘lamp posts’, which function as a decorative design element and a device to express opulence.

“Key elements that make the design distinctive include the incorporation of premium finishes that balance welcoming, earthy tones against polished surfaces that are high-end and sophisticated,” says Rose. “Visual and tactile warmth is similarly achieved by contrasting textures, which are appealing to observe and even more desirable to touch. You will discover a combination of juxtapositions within the space including sandblasted wood on honed ceramic tiles to raw steel metal with soft leather upholstery.”

ISM Objects_Nudie Pendant_Collection_Lifestyle_01.jpg

Our Nudie pendants provide another layer of appeal to the design. Crafted in Melbourne from powder-coated or brass-plated wire, their beautifully simple form is inspired by Japanese lanterns. 

Rose says our Nudie pendants are a glowing addition to the UGG store. “As well as providing a sense of luxury within the space, brass accents are an essential part of the overall design scheme,” she says. “The Nudie Pendant was an excellent fit due to its distinctive lightweight wire frame, allowing the sparkle of the light bulb to gleam through. We also like to support local Australian designers and suppliers wherever possible.”

We couldn’t agree more!




‘I Can Do’ and ‘Cans’ collections of ceiling mounted designs cast a beautiful glow in any environment from the top down.

The I Can Do collection, designed exclusively by Keith Melbourne for ISM Objects, is a deceptively simple light with a distinctive architectural form. Crafted from extruded aluminium with a powder-coated finish in a choice of flat black or flat white, the lamp source is a dedicated LED panel with an integrated control gear and a choice of dimming protocol. 

ISM Objects_I Can Do Ceiling_Collection_Insitu_02.jpg

The Cans collection features a classic cylindrical form that is also made from extruded aluminium. Available in two sizes and three heights and feature a powder-coated finish in a choice of flat black or flat white.


The lamp source can be a retrofit LED or a dedicated LED with high output and a choice of integrated dimming protocols. The design can also be custom ordered in other powder coat colours.

The I Can Do and Cans ceiling mounted lights play an essential role in creating the ideal ambience in any space and are two new classics from ISM Objects.