‘I Can Do’ and ‘Cans’ collections of ceiling mounted designs cast a beautiful glow in any environment from the top down.

The I Can Do collection, designed exclusively by Keith Melbourne for ISM Objects, is a deceptively simple light with a distinctive architectural form. Crafted from extruded aluminium with a powder-coated finish in a choice of flat black or flat white, the lamp source is a dedicated LED panel with an integrated control gear and a choice of dimming protocol. 

ISM Objects_I Can Do Ceiling_Collection_Insitu_02.jpg

The Cans collection features a classic cylindrical form that is also made from extruded aluminium. Available in two sizes and three heights and feature a powder-coated finish in a choice of flat black or flat white.


The lamp source can be a retrofit LED or a dedicated LED with high output and a choice of integrated dimming protocols. The design can also be custom ordered in other powder coat colours.

The I Can Do and Cans ceiling mounted lights play an essential role in creating the ideal ambience in any space and are two new classics from ISM Objects.


ISM Objects_MINI Living Invert Event_01.jpg

The growing population and a shortage of land in our large urban centres is prompting many people to rethink the Great Australian Dream. Rather than a large home on a quarter acre block, architects are rising to the challenge to help more people live big in small spaces.

The potential of a modest, unconventional plot at the rear of Melbourne’s 200 Collins Street was recently put to the test as part of the MINI LIVING – INVERT event.  A collaboration between Green magazine, MINI and City of Melbourne, the event focused on the importance of sustainable, small-scale architecture.

ISM Objects_MINI Living Invert Event_Collage01.jpg

A challenge was put to 13 leading and emerging architects from Australia and New Zealand to submit plans and a 1:20 scale model to demonstrate how the 6 x 10 metre site could accommodate a sustainable home for a young family of four.

The architects presented their designs during a 5-day exhibition in October, which was held in a glass house erected on the Collin’s Street site. We were thrilled to be part of the event by supplying our Luxe Pendants in white. Just like the site itself, they were modest in size to complement the glasshouse and their simple white colour created a beautiful contrast to the lush greenery that surrounded the exhibits.

ISM Objects_MINI Living Invert Event_Collage02.jpg

We were so impressed with the way each architect developed a unique, creative response to the brief. The only essential ingredient was that the designs must also include some kind of garden vegetation.

Austin Maynard Architects designed a multi-generational space that could adapt as a family grows. Made from a series of pre-fabricated modules, the home could expand with new additions to the family and contract for empty nesters.

ISM Objects_MINI Living Invert Event_Reduced02.jpg

Wolveridge Architects’ design also caught our eye. They drew on research into vertical living in Japan and Vietnam and managed to evoke the quarter-acre-block experience within a high-density context by maximising volume, light and passive solar shading.

It was inspiring to see the small-scale design possibilities presented at the MINI LIVING – INVERT event. It proved that the challenge of high-density city living can be solved through clever, sustainable design.


ISM Objects_The George on Collins_Reduced01.jpg

The Georges building is a Melbourne institution that has long graced Collins Street.  It has undergone a number of renovations over the years and, thanks to multi-disciplinary design practice Hecker Guthrie, its basement has now been transformed into the sophisticated bar and restaurant ­­ The George on Collins. We were thrilled to be part of the project!

ISM Objects_The George on Collins_Reduced10.jpg

Hecker Guthrie has created an interior that pays homage to the iconic building’s past as one of Melbourne’s finest shopping destinations.

ISM Objects_The George on Collins_Reduced12.jpg

“Georges traditionally represented an honest and refined sensibility, from the architecture of the building, to its discerning clientele. Patrons today still crave all of the style and service it has inherently always possessed, and The George on Collins will deliver this and more,” Hecker Guthrie states.

ISM Objects_The George on Collins_Collage04.jpg

ISM Objects was engaged to custom manufacture the lighting for this beautiful new space, which helps set the mood for a memorable dining experience.

Stripping back the layers and gutting the entire basement space revealed the original architecture of the former department store. Hecker Guthrie “employ a refined simplicity, juxtaposing the monastic purity of the overall architectural forms, with a landscape of bespoke joinery and furniture,” they explain. “It is intelligently transformed to allow for impeccable hospitality and service from both the bar and the kitchen.”

ISM Objects_The George on Collins_Collage01.jpg

The space is cleverly divided into several sections that cater to breakfast, lunch, dinner and late-night drinks. Dining table booths and luxurious couches nestle into brick alcoves, with heavy curtains to draw for privacy. Rows of stools line the wooden bar encouraging conversation and appreciation of the array for drinks to select from. The timber floors are warm and understated, providing an atmosphere of subdued elegance and uncompromising style.

ISM Objects_The George on Collins_Reduced02.jpg

Newly transformed, this space in the Georges building is continuing to make its mark on Melbourne’s CBD. In its latest incarnation as The George on Collins, its legend will certainly live on.

Images courtesy of The New Work Project. Photography by Will Ellis & sketches by Paul Tuller.


ISM Objects_Fringe Furniture_02.jpg

The Melbourne Fringe Festival has been lighting up our fine city for more than three decades and we’ve been a proud sponsor of one of its key events – Fringe Furniture – for a number of years. It’s always inspiring to see such brilliant and unexpected ideas in industrial design come to life.

Melbourne Fringe is the longest-running multi-arts festival in Victoria and, going by the success of this year’s festival, it will continue to endure. It features thousands of artists from every imaginable discipline performing across 160 venues to an audience of more than 350,000 people.

ISM Objects_Fringe Furniture_04.jpg

This year, there were talking see-saws in Federation Square, hilarious cabaret and comedy shows and incredible contemporary dance performances that all proved why Melbourne is the much-deserved arts capital of the country.

Of course, it was Fringe Furniture that captured our greatest attention. Held at the Abbotsford Convent, it included lighting, furniture, homewares and industrial designs. We always encourage young designers to submit their work for the exhibition.

ISM Objects_Fringe Furniture_05.jpg

As sponsors, we presented the ISM Objects Award for Lighting Innovation. The award went to John Budd for his beautiful glass Lucienne Vessels.

Photography by Theresa Harrison

Photography by Theresa Harrison

We were also big fans of the CMYK Chair by Morgan Doty, which received the award for Best Student Design, and the Narrow-Minded Bookshelf by Edie Kurzer, which took out the Production Ready Award.

ISM Objects_Fringe Furniture_03.jpg

Melbourne Fringe Festival is always a highlight of our year. It was inspiring to be part of it again this year and to see so many exceptional designs on show. And congratulations again to John Budd for his award-winning Lucienne Vessels!


ISM Objects_District Brasserie_Paul Kelly03.jpg

Chifley Tower is one of the tallest buildings in Sydney, but it’s the lower-ground level that’s captured our attention. It’s the location of the new District Brasserie, a 200-seat restaurant designed by Paul Kelly. The food is fabulous and so is the interior – it includes custom-made brass pendants and wall lights by ISM Objects!

We are great admirers of Paul Kelly Design. As a specialist hospitality design studio, it has created the beautiful interiors of more than 300 venues across Australia and Asia, including high-profile projects such as The Ivanhoe Manly, Sokyo at The Star, The Oaks and The Bourbon. We were very happy to contribute a series of custom pendant lighting for its latest venture.

ISM Objects_District Brasserie_Paul Kelly05.jpg

District Brasserie includes a bistro and a bakery that serves wonderful French pastries. Chef Mark Knox (formerly of BLACK, Public Dining) has created a classic fine dining menu for the bistro that caters to the business lunch crowd. The food is complemented by an elegant interior that features mid-century inspired leather furniture, distressed walls, aged brass highlights and a striking polished green marble bar.

ISM Objects_District Brasserie_Paul Kelly01.jpg

Lighting is a crucial element of hospitality design. We’ve worked with a number of Australian designers to produce lighting designs that add a special dimension to some of the country’s finest restaurants and bars.

It was a pleasure working with Paul Kelly Design on custom lighting for the District Brasserie. It’s the perfect place to linger for a long business lunch.



We are strong supporters of local design at ISM Objects and it’s always great to see outstanding designs recognised through initiatives like the Premier’s Design Awards. Celina Clarke, co-founder of ISM Objects, was appointed chairperson of the awards in 2016 and we’re pleased to announce she’s back in the chair this year!

The Premier’s Design Awards were launched in 2012 to recognise and reward Victorian designers and businesses that use design in effective and sustainable ways. The awards aim to raise awareness of the importance of design in making products, services, spaces and experiences more functional, safe, efficient and attractive.

There are eight design categories – architecture, communication, digital, product, service, fashion, student design and design strategy. While the primary designer must be from Victoria, their client, or the organisation that commissioned their design, can be from anywhere in Australia or overseas.

The 2016 Design of the Year award went to the Oi Bike Bell, which has transformed the traditional clunky bell in to a beautiful, functional design object.

As chairperson, Celina is responsible for selecting and coordinating the panel of 24 international judges. This year’s jury includes Victoria Judge, head of interiors at Smart Design Studio in Sydney; Chris Wilkinson, founder and director, WilkinsonEyre Architects in the UK; Chelsia Lau, chief designer design in the strategic concepts group at Ford Motor Company in China ; and Ken Nah, professor of design management at the International Design School for Advanced Studies in South Korea.

Celina Clarke.jpg

When she took up the role of chairperson last year, Celina wanted the jury to represent diversity of thought and location and this remained a goal for her this year.

Entries have now closed and judging will soon be underway. The winners will be announced at a ceremony in November. There’s sure to be some inspiring designs.

For more information visit the Premier's Design Awards website.


Innovation in mobile illumination for today’s lifestyle.

At ISM Objects, we love working with new technology and developing products that answer the needs of our clients and satisfy the demands of today’s evolving lifestyles. We are passionate in our pursuit of improving our new and existing products and as such are proud to unveil our range of portable lighting options featuring the latest rechargeable technology.

Sparking inspiration, we have recognised a significant shift in work and living spaces. With the rise of newer, faster and more portable technology, we are becoming more and more flexible with where we are able to work, however the lighting industry has been falling behind.

After noticing permanent lighting fixtures were unable to meet the demands of these shifts in working behaviour, we have introduced a range of innovative portable lighting options featuring innovative specifications and lighting aesthetics.

Our portable lighting solutions are now allowing us to significantly improve ambience, mood and practicality of work spaces effortlessly. Our Fab 25 and Wink Table lights are examples of portable illumination that boasts today’s refined technology. With cordless battery power and USB re-charging this LED lamp provides an elegant solution to a portable, changing lifestyle.

Shop the ultra-portable Fab 25 and Wink Table Lamp now.


We are excited to announce that our online store has officially gone live, boasting our range of lighting collection favourites all now available at the click of a button.

Here at ISM objects, we share a passion for innovative, authentic design, local manufacturing and creative collaborations. We aim to create conversation, not just light, designing the majority of our state of the art lighting in-house. We are proud to have successfully collaborated with some of Australia’s most creative designers, with many of our creations being exhibited all around the world.  

We invite you to shop our award-winning range of lighting designs at the ISM Objects online store.