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We first designed the Fab Lamp in 1991 and now, twenty-six years later, we have revisited its iconic design to develop the Fab 25 - a lamp that is just as enduring as the original.

The original Fab lamp – a flat-pack self-assembled table lamp – was an immediate success. It won an ‘Artist & Industry’ award for design and production; retailed in the MoMA gift shop in New York; and Country Road commissioned an exclusive shade and stocked the lamp nationwide. It was designed to be easily transportable, appealing and suited to a new modern lifestyle.

Now, the Fab 25 lamp is even more so. Machined from aluminium and brass, with a perforated stainless steel mesh shade, it retains the elegant aesthetic, slimline shape and size and flat-pack gift box of the original lamp. But incorporating the latest technology – an LED lamp, cordless battery power and USB re-charging – the Fab 25 is now totally portable and even more modern and appealing.


A lot of research, testing and development has gone into the design and production of the new Fab 25 lamp, with each component has been selected and built into the lamp to ensure the technology is of the highest standard, but that it also fits with the original design and retains its classic Fab appeal.

The Fab lamp was the first light ISM Objects produced and it still speaks volumes about our design values of producing products that endure and endear.

To us there is nothing better than hearing stories from customers who, 25 years later, still love living with their Fab lamp. And we hope that the Fab 25 will appeal to those who love the original and a new generation who appreciate the freedom of a battery-powered lighting.

The new Fab 25 lamp is available NOW here


ISM Objects turned up the lights at this year’s Denfair with an inspiring showcase of new lighting, prototypes along with some fresh twists on some classic designs.

At last year’s Denfair, attendants were in awe of our inflatable prototype, Grapho Bubble when we showed it as a prototype. Since then we have been busily refining the design and this year we successfully presented the finished product. Made from Japanese rice paper, the Grapho Bubble appears to have a life of its own by inflating and deflating just like magic when turned on or off.

We also presented two new prototypes this year – the Teamwork pendant, which features innovative acoustic qualities that absorb sound, and the Snitch pendant, which is inspired by the iconic desktop gadget, Newton’s Cradle.

Some of our most celebrated designs also returned this year with new finishes and features. The Fab 25 table lamp presented with a finely perforated shade in stainless steel matte black and gold-plated finishes. The Loft, Luxe and Studio 6 designs also showcased in a new white powder-coated steel finish with satin nickel fittings. The cheeky Wink table lamp also returned with a portable, cordless design and a tropical pink finish – the perfect remedy for a Melbourne winter!

Stay tuned as we bring you more details of these new products in the coming weeks..


Do you have trouble getting to sleep after watching television or using your computer or smartphone at night? If you answered yes, it may be due to the exposure of blue-rich light from your screen. While blue light is helpful during the day, boosting awareness and attention, it can be detrimental to wellbeing at night, as it suppresses the secretion of melatonin, disrupting sleep and potentially causing an array of harmful effects.

But fear not. As lighting designers we’re well versed in photobiology (the scientific study of the interactions of light and living organisms) to create lighting products designed to work with our circadian rhythm (a.k.a. natural body clock) to enhance health and wellbeing.

The circadian system

The circadian system is a roughly 24-hour cycle that tells the body when to sleep and when to wake, as well as regulating other biological functions such as hunger, body temperature, blood pressure, growth and the release of melatonin and cortisol. When the circadian rhythm is in tune, the body’s cycle is optimised and stable, which helps maximise productivity and sleep quality. However, the circadian rhythm can easily be thrown out of whack and one of the primary reasons is light. Too much light at night and our sleep suffers; not enough light during the day and our productivity decreases.

Fortunately there is a growing body of research in photobiology so that our lighting products go far beyond aesthetics to actually enhance human health and function by mimicking natural daytime or night-time conditions. 

Circadian lighting

Daylight – or sunlight – is the benchmark that electric lighting needs to imitate to optimise circadian health and wellbeing. However, as the colour and intensity of sunlight changes throughout the day – from warm amber light at sunrise, to cool bright light during day, and back to amber light at sunset – electric lighting also needs to reproduce these changing colours and intensities to maximise human function.

In fact, circadian lighting – electric lighting based on the circadian rhythm – in the work environment has been proven to increase productivity, while in healthcare environments it has been found to help patients heal faster and boost the performance of medical staff.

How we create lighting that enhances health and wellbeing

At ISM Objects we use LED lights that are specifically engineered to facilitate a healthy circadian rhythm. Some bulbs, such as workplace lights, emit increased blue light wavelengths to promote greater energy and attentiveness. This technology is actually founded on the same principles NASA used to improve the sleep and performance of astronauts on the International Space Station.

Other technology sees colour-tunable LEDs that can deliver light in colour temperatures ranging from warm (yellowish) tones to cool (bluish) tones. This means that by changing the correlated colour temperature (CCT) light can be ‘tuned’ for different times of the day or night depending on the environment.

At ISM Objects we are committed to create lighting products that are not only good for the environment but also good for our bodies. By producing electric light that replicates the effect of natural light, we’re helping give our customers and their clients, employees, visitors, friends and family a better chance of sleeping better, working better and feeling better every day.

View our collection of LED lights here


We are constantly updating the ISM Objects collection to keep pace with the latest technological developments in lighting, and the POP is a great example of this.

The revised POP pendant will add just the right amount of luxe to interior environments. Beautifully crafted from moulded polymer with a polished finish, their classic spherical shape makes them an enduring addition to any commercial or residential space plus our latest versions are LED compatible.

Even the finest interior designs can fall flat without the right lighting. That’s why the our Pop Pendants are the perfect addition. They enhance the atmosphere of any interior space and bring a pop of personality that is truly unique. 

The Pop Pendants are available in two sizes and their suspension comes in a smart black fabric cable with black metal components, which is adjustable on installation.

The pared-back palette (including Opal, Clear, and Smoke) along with the classic form of the Pop Pendants makes them the perfect complement to a wide range of interior design schemes and like all ISM Objects’ designs, they’ll never goes out of style.


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Creating lighting designs for Westpac’s Kogarah office was a big deal for ISM Objects – and we mean that quite literally.

Hassell Architects worked with Lendlease to transform the 25-year-old building into an open, dynamic workplace and innovation hub. We were engaged to help show the 30,000 sqm workspace in the best possible light.

Some of the designs are as long as four metres in length and make a big impact in the vast space.

The design accommodates the bank’s activity-based working model by incorporating a range of settings for larger groups, such as collaboration lounges, team tables and workshop spaces, as well as quiet zones for focused work.

The innovation hub, which is a standout feature of the design, is dubbed ‘The Hive’ because of its the honeycomb form of its ceiling and the buzz of activity that goes on inside it, which includes the testing of new products and services.

ISM Objects_Hassell Westpac Kogarah custom fabric pendants.jpg

In addition to the use of many ISM Objects’ standard products, such as our I Do up-down wall lights and Shady pendants, we were also called on to create customised versions of some of our existing designs. Our powder-coated aluminium Can lights, for example, are usually surface mounted but for this project we supplied both standard and modified versions that suspend from the ceiling.

We also custom designed a number of tapered fabric pendants, which incorporated Signature Prints amazing wallpapers. The pendants feature Florence Broadhurst patterns on the inside so when people look up, they can glimpse the beautiful fabric lining inside these large 1100mm and 2000mm diameter lights.

Other custom fittings included 1800mm super long versions of our rounded aluminium wall lights, as well as oval pleated GX-style pendants that measured a colossal 4000mm in length. 

The logistics of making, packing and shipping such large designs could have posed some challenges, however our fantastic team was able to make light work of all stages and ultimately contributed to a fantastic interior that makes a big impression.


Melton Library 3 gallery.jpg

The Melton Library and Learning Hub by FMJT Architecture has set the benchmark for sustainable civic design in Australia. Built with the aim of revitalising and re-energising the local community, the project has received multiple awards for design excellence.

FMJT (Francis-Jones Morehen Thorp) is led by Design Director Richard Francis-Jones and Managing Director Jeff Morehen. The studio’s dedication to design excellence and the enhancement of the public domain is evident in their award-winning work, which includes the Auckland Art Gallery, Newcastle Museum and Macquarie University Library.

Set over two levels, the Melton Library and Learning Hub comprises a theatre and lecture rooms as well as recording and editing studios for use by local education centres.

The building's orientation and facade is designed to maximise natural light penetration, which helps to minimise electricity consumption. It also achieved a 92 per cent recycling rate from the demolition of the previous buildings on the site. It is the first library in the country to be awarded a 5 Star Green Star - Public Building Design rating by the Green Building Council of Australia.

We enjoyed working with FJMT to supply lighting designs for this award-winning civic space. Our black Boss Pendants were customised with brightly coloured interiors to reflect the playful library interior. The slimline circular pendants are made from spun aluminium and the light source is a choice of dimmable LED modules with either warm or cool colour temperatures.

The Melton Library and Learning Hub represents a vibrant and inspiring community asset and sets a new standard in sustainable design.

Contact us at sales@ismobjects.com.au for more information on how we can help with your next project



There are always dominant trends in interiors. Black and gold is firmly cemented in the spotlight as a versatile combination that suits a range of interior styles and with a beautiful selection of designs from us it’s clear we think it has a bright future.

The combination of black and gold makes an elegant statement within interior environments. Designers need not be limited in their ways of introducing this trend to the finest spaces, a lighting statement perfectly captures the sleek, striking blend of black and golden brass.

Here are our favourite black & gold designs from our collection...

The Clinker Pendant collection

The Luxe Wall light

The Loft Wall light

The Studio 6 Desk lamp

The Nudie Pendant

We think these perfectly capture the classic interior trend for black and gold. They feature classic forms and unique detailing that will never date.



The Loft Wall Light is a versatile lamp, not only in that it can swing and pivot, but also in that its aesthetic can fit effortlessly into a range of interior styles from classic and traditional to contemporary and cutting edge. And it has recently been used in the Mini Bar, located at the base of the Punthill Northbank hotel in Melbourne.

Hotel bars and venues have had somewhat of a renaissance in recent years, reclaiming their glamour and appeal. Mini Bar, designed by Foolscap Studio, is certainly one such bar, with its design inspired by the glamour, luxury and adventure of travel from the 1920s to 1950s, as well as its location. The multipurpose hotel reception, café and bar is adjacent to the railway and docks of the Yarra River and on a site that once housed an iron foundry producing boilers for Australia’s first railway locomotive.

Mini Bar is a compact space at less than 60 square meterss, so the designers at Foolscap looked to objects such as a hotel mini bar, steamer trunk and drinks cabinet for inspiration. The natural and recycled material palette references the rich and luxurious surfaces of 1920s and 30s cruise liners, while the encaustic cement floor tiles that, like Art Deco motifs, are decorative and abstracted, as if frozen in place. The long banquette and high bench made from reclaimed railway timber are a nod to the railway history of the site, and of course railway travel had its golden age in the early twentieth century before the emergence of mass automobile and air travel.

Our Loft Wall Light is also a nod to the railways as it evokes vintage lighting in stations and on platforms (amongst many other things, thus its versatility). Its steel and spun metal frame extends from the wall in a long elegant line and its smooth geometric curve leads to a brushed-gold anodised cylinder with exposed-filament bulb.

Mini Bar offers one the experience of the great hotel bars around the world, somewhere to sip a classic cocktail or snack on a club sandwich. Which is exactly what was intended.

You can stay at the Punthill and stop by Mini Bar to see the Loft Wall Lighting action...

Or view it here