Melbourne Quaker Centre by PHTR Architects & Barbara Moje Architecture

Melbourne Quaker Centre by PHTR Architects & Barbara Moje Architecture11.jpg

The concept of light (specifically, opening up to the Inner Light) is at the heart of the Quaker faith. Light is also at the heart of the new Melbourne Quaker Centre designed by PHTR Architects.  Lighting design by Barbara Moje Architecture features our oversized custom Drum pendant suspended above the waiting area and smaller Drum fixtures throughout.

Stage one of the Melbourne Quaker Centre project saw the refurbishment of a two-storey 1960s office building in William Street, West Melbourne. Serving as the new headquarters for the Quakers in Victoria, the centre provides a meeting house, library and research centre, as well as serving as the public face of the Quaker movement.

The architecture is based on ideas of community, peace, light, openness and transparency. The circle is a symbol of unity, wholeness and the divine, and it features as a prominent theme throughout the design. As does light. Evoking a spiritual quality, light filters through the translucent polycarbonate wall and doors and radiates from our Drum pendant. By day, light infuses the interior spaces. At night, it provides a warm glow through the timber-framed façade

As a circular light, our Drum pendant embodies these symbols and themes, and is not only functional, but also meaningful in the space.

The very large Drum above the circular waiting area (with seats upholstered in red to reflect the colour of the Quaker star) is two metres in diameter. It had to be supplied and brought into the building during construction because it would be too large to fit through the front doors.

Smaller Drum pendants are affixed to the ceiling throughout the waiting area and research and archive centre, as well as encircling poles to serve as table lights. Two long, thin Drum lights are also suspended above the stairs and also feature parchment lampshades to provide soft illumination.

The Drum pendant can be produced in custom sizes to suit project-specific requirements, and is available in a range of standard sizes. The lampshade comes in fabric or parchment from ISM Objects’ standard range or can be made with a choice of other fabric or wallpaper depending on suitability.

Stage one of the Melbourne Quaker Centre was completed in March 2017, with stage two scheduled for mid 2018.


Lighting design: Barbara Moje Architecture

Architecture: PHTR Architects

Photography: Hilary Walker




ISM Objects_Denfair 2018_01.jpg

Hot on the heels of this years DENFAIR, we are excited to bring you a sneak peek of our latest designs.  This year we launched three new lighting collections – Edo, Snag and Snitch – all of which are imbued with personality and character.

Edo is our first outdoor light and takes its name from the Edo period in Japanese history when art and culture thrived and maneki-neko (beckoning cat) emerged as a lucky symbol.  The spun aluminium disc projects from the wall and is available in a choice of metallic anodised colours and painted monochrome finishes. The dedicated LED light source is fully dimmable and cleverly reflected from inside the fitting. This provides practical lighting suitable for outdoor and indoor settings, including bathrooms.

ISM Objects_Edo Family Render_Wall.jpg

Snag is a linear pendant and wall light infused with a retro 1980s aesthetic. With a long cylindrical form and rounded ends the light takes its inspiration and name from the snag – classic Australian slang for sausage, and the relaxed lifestyle that is associated with their consumption. The metallic ends of Snag are spun in aluminium and available in a choice of bright copper, bright brass, bright stainless steel and bright black chrome. Snag can be wall or ceiling mounted. As a pendant it can be suspended horizontally or vertically, or joined to make a string of Snags.

ISM Objects_Denfair 2018_06.jpg

We unveiled a prototype of Snitch at DENFAIR 2017, and this year the production form is released. Snitch is a pendant light inspired by the swinging spheres of Newton’s Cradle. It comprises individual glowing orbs (in arrays from 4 to 400) that are arranged in a grid format. Each orb is machined from solid brass and finished in either black, gold or a custom finish. A matt hemisphere diffuses each dedicated LED lamp source with dimming by a choice of control protocols.

ISM Objects_Snitch 4_Render 2_Pendant.jpg

Three existing products were also on display at DENFAIR 2018: Grapho Bubble, Teamwork and the award-winning Fab 25.

Recognised for its outstanding design and innovation, Fab 25 Table Lamp received a prestigious 2018 Good Design Award for Product Design. The lamp is the evolution of our original Fab Lamp and it continues to embody many of the concepts that our founders Simon Christopher and Celina Clarke originally set out to explore: local batch production, flat-pack assembly and end-of-lifecycle recycling. Fab 25 is a portable, modern and appealing table lamp with an elegant shape machined from aluminium and brass. It also incorporates the latest technology including LED lamp, cordless battery power and USB re-charging.

ISM Objects_Fab 25_Table_Lifestyle.jpg

Grapho Bubble Pendant is handcrafted in Melbourne from Japanese rice paper and it mysteriously inflates and deflates when turned on or off. First launched at DENFAIR 2017, Grapho takes its name from the word meaning ‘to write’ or ‘to sketch’ as custom graphic designs can be added to the pendants during production. A small fan inside the Grapho Bubble Pendant is connected to the sustainable LED light source and inflates the rice paper when switched on, and gently deflates when switched off.

ISM Objects_Grapho Bubble_Photo credit Mike Baker, Styling Heather Nette King_Lifestyle 01.jpg

The Teamwork pendant demonstrates a mastery of both light and sound with special acoustic qualities that making it perfect for workplaces. The spun aluminium shell has a decorative fabric panel that discretely conceals sound absorbing material. In doing so, the pendant helps to enhance concentration and collaboration in the workplace by reducing ambient noise through its clever acoustic qualities and outstanding light output.

ISM Objects_Teamwork Charcoal Pendant_Pendant_Photo credit Mike Baker, Styling Heather Nette King_Lifestyle 01.jpg

Stay tuned to ISM Objects Blog over the coming weeks as we bring you more on our latest products.


ISM Objects_Bud 200_Family Pendant_Photo credit Mike Baker, Styling Heather Nette King_Lifestyle 01 2.jpg

More than two decades after its first release, the Bud pendant from ISM Objects has been refreshed with a new pint size diffuser and contemporary metallic suspension.

The Bud pendant was one of the very first designs we developed at ISM Objects and in many ways helped us set the standard for every creation that has followed.

In addition to its three standard sizes – small (Ø120mm x H240mm), medium (Ø120mm x H333mm) and large (Ø120mm x H550mm) – the Bud pendant is now available in a special ‘pocket sized’ of Ø120mm x 200mm. Like each size in the Bud range, it forms a beautiful cluster when grouped at various heights and looks equally elegant on its own.

ISM Objects_Bud 200_Family Pendant_Photo credit Mike Baker, Styling Heather Nette King_Lifestyle 02 2.jpg

The latest Bud release has a metallic flex cable suspension in gold or silver and its sustainable LED light source casts a warm ambient glow. It features a matching metallic coupling above its classic cylindrical shaped diffuser, which is crafted from moulded opal polymer with a matte textured finish.

The three larger Bud pendants have a suspension in a choice of black, white or clear cable, or anodised aluminium rod that is adjustable on installation.

Perfection cannot be improved upon - but the Bud pendant shows that it can be enhanced.  It is one of our original designs and has helped pave the way for our diverse collection that has been lighting up interiors for more than 25 years.


ISM Objects_Bud 200_Family Pendant_Photo credit Mike Baker, Styling Heather Nette King_Lifestyle 03 2.jpg


ISM Objects_Fab 25_Gold Family_GDA.jpg

We are excited to announce that our Fab 25 Table Lamp, designed by ISM Objects, has received a prestigious Good Design Award for Product Design, recognising its outstanding design and innovation.

We work hard to design and manufacture innovative and sustainable contemporary lighting and it is an honour to receive this award alongside the high calibre of our industry peers

Fab 25 Lamp is the evolution of our original Fab Lamp designed in 1991, which won an Artist & Industry award for design and production. The original Fab Lamp embodied many of the concepts that we set out to explore when they established ISM Objects: local batch production, flat-pack assembly for economical transportation and disassembly for recycling at the end of the product lifecycle. There have been many advances in manufacturing and lighting technology since the Fab Lamp, so Simon and Celina designed a new product that referenced the original but incorporated innovative new features.

Like the original, Fab 25 is a modern and appealing table lamp. It has an elegant shape machined from aluminium and stainless steel and comes in a flat-pack gift box. It now also incorporates the latest technology including LED lamp, cordless battery power and USB re-charging.

We set ourselves a challenge to redesign an item that was very special to us and a major step in the evolution of our design careers. For both the Fab and Fab 25 lamps to receive industry awards is affirmation of our commitment to designing and manufacturing products based on progressive and sustainable thinking.

Good Design Australia hosted the annual awards ceremony at the Sydney Opera House on 17 May, celebrating the best of Australian design. This year marked the 60th anniversary of the awards and it attracted a record number of entries. Danish architect Jan Utzon congratulated all the 2018 winners, and the products will be showcased to the general public during Vivid Sydney from 25 to 27 May 2018 at the Overseas Passenger Terminal, Circular Quay.


Bendigo TAFE Health and Community Centre of Excellence by ClarkeHopkinsClarke

Bendigo TAFE Health and Community Centre2.jpg

Light is an important element of educational and health environments as it can affect the productivity of students and wellbeing of patients. Bendigo TAFE Health and Community Centre of Excellence is a vibrant learning environment for specialist health and community services programs. Designed by ClarkeHopkinsClarke, the building now has plenty of natural light as well as the warm glow of our HD3 Pendants and HD2 Wall Lights.

Bendigo TAFE Health and Community Centre3.jpg

ClarkeHopkinsClarke transformed the existing building to create a new facility inspired by transparency, health and connectedness. A high-performance double-glazed façade has replaced the original bricks, enhancing natural light and ventilation, which aid productivity and wellbeing and contribute to the centre being an enjoyable and sustainable place for students and staff to work and learn.

The internal environment has been reconfigured to maximise usability and to create active, vibrant spaces that prioritise learning. This includes high-tech virtual labs that simulate different learning scenarios, and adaptable classrooms and collaborative spaces that allow for flexibility.

Our HD3 Pendants and HD2 Wall Lights feature in informal study and collaborative spaces. We pared these lights back to their essential forms with a circular wall canopy, cylindrical shield and spherical bulb, making them a popular choice for a range of environments. The wall lights are fixed to timber batten partitions and the warm glow highlights the grain of the timber. The pendants have been grouped in threes and suspended from the ceiling amongst vertical panels in the same aqua colour as the powder-coated finish of the lamp. A series of HD3 lights also illuminate the kitchen benches.

The bulbs are vintage-style LED lamps, which have a long life, low-energy consumption and high-quality light output.

The aqua-coloured fixtures complement the strong identity evident throughout the facility. The cellular theme pervades the internal planning, landscaping, interior design and wayfinding with colourful hexagons featuring on the floor covering, upholstered seating, glazed-wall graphics and signage.

Bendigo TAFE Health and Community Centre of Excellence opened early 2018 for the academic year.

IRO Keeps turning heads

ISM Objects_Iro Pendant_Photo credit Mike Baker, Styling Heather Nette King_Lifestyle 01.jpg

Our eye-catching Iro pendant light rotates on a single axis to cast a beam of light in any desired direction. Designed by German duo Zinke / Carpenter, it is manufactured in Australia as part of our successful ISM Sparks mentoring program.

Designers Christian Zinke and Robin Carpenter met during their studies at the University of the Arts Berlin and founded their design studio Zinke/Carpenter in 2004. The Iro pendant was their first design to be shown in an international fair but since then, they have worked with clients such as Bugatti and Atari and continue to create inspiring designs both individually and as a team.

ISM Objects_Iro Pendant_Photo credit Mike Baker, Styling Heather Nette King_Lifestyle 02.jpg

Conceptually, Iro was designed as an ‘eye’ that rotates.  The pendant was at concept stage when it captured our attention at the Salone Satellite exhibition at Milan Design Fair in 2005.

We began collaborating with Zinke /Carpenter as part of our ISM Sparks mentoring program, which was formed in 2005 to foster emerging talent in lighting design. Based on this we   licenced the Iro pendant design and began manufacturing in Australia, exclusively for Sparks.

Crafted from slip cast ceramic with an elegant, tactile finish, the Iro pendant features a single slot at the top to ensure the direction of light remains set in the desired direction until repositioned.

ISM Objects_Iro Pendant_Photo credit Mike Baker, Styling Heather Nette King_Lifestyle 03.jpg

8bit 360 by Architects EAT


8bit 360, located on Little Collins Street, is the third and largest outlet of the Melbourne-based burger brand. Inspired by American diners, old-school video games and the local fish ‘n’ shop, 8bit 360 is a contemporary throwback to the colourful 1980s, and our Wink Table Lamp and HD3 Wall Lights are adding to the nostalgic fun.

 The first 8bit started as an ode to the fish ‘n’ chip shop with arcade machines in the corner. The classic games still remain but the outlets have become streamlined and slicker with time. For 8bit 360, Architects EAT created a playful and interactive space with bold primary colours, pixelated patterns and Nintendo-inspired wall graphics.

 Architects EAT created pockets of intrigue and surprise as they played with colour and materiality. Tiles, like pixels, cover countertops; stools and booths are in blue powder-coated steel; and green and yellow acrylic tubes hover over high tables. Timber elements keep the space warm and inviting, and include the timber-batten world map suspended from the bright yellow ceiling; timber panels surrounding the menu; and a timber batten screen with the logo carved it.

 Studio IO designed the original branding and established the red, yellow, dark blue and aqua colour palette, which the studio describes as “a nostalgic, quirky and instantly recognisable homage to good old-fashioned gaming.” Indeed, it’s nostalgia for the late-20s, early-30s demographic that form the target market.


Our Wink Table Lamp and HD3 Wall Lamps in marine were the perfect choice for the colour palette, and complement the simple, pared-back forms throughout the space. Wink table lamps are perched on the counter around the windows. Inspired by candle lamps of yesteryear, they have a spherical bulb, dish base and optional metallic reflector for more control of the glowing LED lamp.

HD3 has a similar form with a wall attachment. Fixed at alternating heights, the uplights cast patterns of light and shadow across the wall, adding another dimension to the gaming-inspired graphics. Each light has a 6W LED spherical frost lamps, a good choice for hospitality due to their long life, low energy use and high-quality light output.

Introducing Teamwork - Acoustic lighting for workplaces.

ISM Objects_Teamwork Charcoal Pendant_Photo credit Mike Baker, Styling Heather Nette King_Lifestyle 02.jpg

Our latest lighting collection has been developed to provide a solution for 2 common workplace needs - high quality energy efficient lighting and improved acoustics.

The Teamwork pendant has been designed to possesses special acoustic qualities to help it to absorb sound in the workplace making it the perfect pendant for meeting spaces and open plan offices. The effect of this sound absorbing feature is that the lighting contributes to enhancing both concentration and collaboration in the workplace by reducing ambient noise.

The Teamwork pendant shell is expertly crafted from spun aluminium and has a decorative fabric panel that discretely conceals an internal sound absorbing material.

The outer shell is finished in matt anthracite or white.  The fabric insert panel is available in a choice of 22 contemporary colours, with custom fabrics available on request.   At the heart of Teamwork is an environmentally efficient LED lamp source with a special thin diffuser to ensure light is fully dispersed. This makes it an ideal light source for long meeting tables that require an even distribution of light to enhance workplace collaboration.

Teamwork is also flexible enough to suit individual needs. It can direct light in a downward direction only but is also available with the option of up and down lighting, with both options compatible with a choice of popular dimming protocols.